A private collection from Numismatist / Photographer Simon Smith.

Stocks, Shares and Bond Certificates


Scripophily is the study and collection of stocks and bonds. A specialized field of numismatics, scripophily is an interesting area of collecting due to both the inherent beauty of some historical documents as well as the interesting historical context of each document. Some stock certificates are excellent examples of engraving.

Occasionally an old stock document will be found that still has value as a stock in a successor company.

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Certificates are listed down the page in alphabetical order of country, company and in date order.


United States America

1906 [ uncancelled, embossed stamp, original item ]

3x Northwestern Development Company Share Certificates, No's C9632, 633, 634 consecutive. Each certificate for 10 shares at 5$ each. 

[ Plate engraved and printed for GEO.H.ELLIS Co by the American Banknote Co ]

Issued to A A HOUSMAN & Co [ Lots of history check it out and google]

Size approx 11 x 7 inch and in beautful condition of EF to AUNC   MAKE A OFFER